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Research and Development Centre for Mobile Applications (RDC) is a university laboratory focussing on applied research in the area of mobile networks and services, in close collaboration with industrial partners (Vodafone, IBM). Since its establishment in 2001 by Vodafone (then Oskar), Ericsson and the Czech Technical University in Prague, RDC has contributed several solutions into live operation within Vodafone network and its members have participated in various EU, as well as numerous other mobile networking projects. RDC facilities include a fully functioning Ericsson experimental GSM network and an IBM experimental automated voice-applications server. The main research focus areas are in location-based services, automated voice services and web interaction, 3D mobile Internet and next-generation network infrastructure. Special focus is given to technology for the handicapped, thanks to the kind support of the Vodafone Foundation Czech Republic.


Deliver internationally competitive research results in services and technologies in the area of mobile wireless networking, with results of high value to industrial partners.


RDC offers standardized internal processes for research, design, development, testing and validation of mobile products and services. The goal of the centre is to develop and nurture a community of people with a common interest in mobile technology, as well as provide an environment that fosters pure research and educational advancement.

It provides researchers and students the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge about mobile technology. It supports not only ambitious students-- thanks to a scholarship program-- but also provides an opportunity for professionals, companies and general public to discuss wireless technology in professional seminars/workshops as well as take part in their own research and development. The laboratory continuously attracts top enginnering talent in the Czech Republic. Currently, there are approximately 30 students working in the laboratory, about half at the doctoral level of study, not only from CTU, but from various national and international academic institutions. RDC motivates R&D work through student scholarships and competitions and ensures high standards of R&D work quality.



December 31, 2016

!!! RDC project on hold !!!Project was put on hold due to increase of researchers responsibilities in newly founded Electrolux R&D center in Prague.

March 25, 2013

Paper on active tracking in mobile networks accepted for publication at the prestigious Computer Networks journal!

The paper by Michal Ficek, Tomas Pop and Lukas Kencl titled Active tracking in mobile networks: An in-depth view has been accepted for publication at the prestigious Elsevier Computer Networks journal! Computer Networks has Impact Factor 1.231, among the highest in the field of computer networking. It is the first output of the long-term RDC research efforts materializing into such result. Congratulations, and we also sincerely thank Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., Vodafone Foundation Czech Republic, Microsoft Research and Charles University in Prague for the kind support of this work!

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