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The centre is formed by a community of dedicated and enthusiastic people who do their best to contribute to its development and work.

The centre is administered by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from the founding companies. These workers, together with the Technical Director of the centre, determine the basic trend of development and ensure communication with other partners.

In order to ensure the successful operation of the centre, an Operating Committee was established - it takes care of delivery and implementation of modern technologies, as well as training students, technicians and specialists working in the centre; it also handles the common administrative agenda.

The creative group - i.e. the workers who are responsible for selection of research and development trends - motivate other workers in particular research and development projects. They are also involved in the presentation of results - inside (among centre members) and outside (among prospective partners).

Every group working upon the research and development projects of the centre, cooperates with specialists focusing on a particular area. These specialists come not only from the Czech Technical University but from partner companies. Students who actively work in the centre are also trained to become experts (this is one of the centre's purposes).

On any particular project, there is a person in every group who is responsible for coordination. Partial tasks are distributed among the group members. The group as a whole is in regular contact with other ones, thus forming the necessary research-application basis for the activities of the centre.

R&D Centre (RDC) for Mobile Applications
Dept of Telecommunications Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
Technick√° 2, 166 27 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Tel.: (+420) 224 355 991
Fax.: (+420) 233 335 999