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Wireless Days 2013 Keynote - Mobile Cloud Issues

The nascent cloud-computing scenario is pervading almost all contemporary research and development in computing and networking. However, cloud computing has some vital issues we are going to explore in this talk. Latency is an important, yet often underestimated aspect. A cloud service, based on processing in remote datacenters, may exhibit high latency and jitter which may be a compound result of many various components of the remote computation and intermediate communication, especially when utilizing mobile clients over shared data. We are going to show practical examples and present a vision for tools to monitor, model and optimize the global cloud-service latency, including CLAudit, our prototype planetary-scale cloud-latency auditing platform. Data protection is another crucial aspect of cloud-computing adoption. While full data security might be impractical for performance reasons, including networking overhead, we shall explore some recent proposals for compromises in data protection between security and efficiency. Presented as Keynote at the Wireless Days 2013 Conference, Valencia, Spain, November 13-15, 2013.

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