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Ond?ej Tomnek, Luk Kencl
Security and privacy of using AllJoyn IoT framework at home and beyond
Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid (IGBSG), 2016 2nd International Conference on
27-29 June 2016 | Prague, Czech Republic

AllJoyn is one of the emerging standards for the upcoming revolution known as Internet of Things. Within a couple of years, many devices and appliances in every home are expected to be interconnected, and connected to the global network, using this standard defined by the AllSeen Alliance. In this work, we first review the current status and architecture of the AllJoyn open standard, with special focus on its security aspects. Then, we discuss the security and privacy of the imminent deployment of AllJoyn within homes, buildings and urban infrastructures across the globe, documenting the need for strong consideration of remedies to the listed vulnerabilities.


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