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Florence Guitard, Luk Kencl
RDC-TR-11-1 - Windows Azure and SIP

Cloud Computing has emerged over the past few years as a new business paradigm for providing and obtaining IT services. By hosting and delivering services over the Internet, Cloud Computing allows business owners to focus on strategic projects rather than on managing their datacenters, cutting operational and capital costs. Built upon previous concepts such as Grid, Utility or Autonomic Computing, it meets the increasing requirements of power and mobility in various kinds of applications (websites, email services, office softwares), and particularly those imposing a variable load and needing massive scaling. However, many issues have still to be addressed. Similarly, for the past couple of years, SIP has become the most widely used protocol for VoIP. SIP enables interactive user session that involves multimedia elements by allowing endpoints to exchange messages, register user location and move between networks. SIP servers play an important part as key elements in these networks. The aim of this Technical Report is to offer a better understanding of these two emerging services and a discussion about the way to see both of them as a single service. Thus, following an overview of cloud computing, we focus on a concrete cloud platform: Windows Azure. Then, we present the Session Initiation Protocol and a technical study of the different servers involved. To conclude, we discuss options to integrate SIP communications possibilities into a cloud system, Windows Azure.


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