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Towards 4G

After a brief overview of mobile system UMTS, we will talk about enhancements that have been proposed and implemented to this system (including technologies such as HSPA or MBMS). 3GPP is currently in the process of defining the long-term evolution (LTE) for 3G, in order to maintain the future competitiveness of 3G technology. Features of LTE will be outlined and a comparison of technologies LTE and WiMAX (Mobile WiMAX) will be provided.

Robert Bestak received his engineering degree from CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prague in 1999. In 1999/2000, he did one-year engineering program in telecommunications and computer networks at the Institute EERIE de l’Ecole des Mines d’Ales, Nimes, France. In 2003, he received his PhD. degree in computer science from ENST Paris, France. Since 2004, he is as a research scientist and a head of wireless research group at the Department of telecommunication engineering, CTU in Prague.

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