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Vojtech Uhlír, Ondrej Tománek, Lukáš Kencl
Latency–based Benchmarking of Cloud Service Providers
IEEE/ACM 9th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing
2016 | Tongji University – Shanghai, China

With the ever-increasing trend of migration of applications to the Cloud environment, there is a growing need to thor- oughly evaluate quality of the Cloud service itself, before deciding upon a hosting provider. Benchmarking the Cloud services is difficult though, due to the complex nature of the Cloud Computing setup and the diversity of locations, of ap- plications and of their specific service requirements. How- ever, such comparison may be crucial for decision making and for troubleshooting of services offered by the intermedi- ate businesses - the so-called Cloud tenants. Existing cross– sectional studies and benchmarking methodologies provide only a shallow comparison of Cloud services, whereas state- of-the-art tooling for specific comparisons of application- performance parameters, such as for example latency, is in- sufficient. In this work, we propose a novel methodology for benchmarking of Cloud-service providers, which is based on latency measurements collected via active probing, and can be tailored to specific application needs. Furthermore, we demonstrate its applicability on a practical longitudi- nal study of real measurements of two major Cloud-service providers – Amazon and Microsof


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