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Nadace Vodafone Cesk√° republika


Maria Vicenta Castillo Ibañez (Project Leader), Robert BeŇ°¬Ě√°k

The goal of the WiMATE (Wireless Mobile Applications TEstbed) project is to design a testbed for wireless mobile applications research, with specific focus on user mobility. The aim is to build a network covering the CTU campus, based on 3GPP Long-Term Evolution or on Mobile WiMAX, and to integrate it into the OneLab EU project to enable planetary-scale research opportunities. The planned network should consist of tens of BSs, its own CSN network and a frequency license in the 2.4-2.6 GHz band.

The project will bring innovative solutions to existing European testbed network by utilizing a brand new standard as a base technology for the testbed and by virtualization of end-user devices (Google Android, Apple iPhone OS and Windows Mobile platforms) to provide clean separation and security for both researchers and users. For recruiting real users, mobile devices will be distributed among students.

On this project we collaborate with CESNET, the Czech NREN operator.

R&D Centre (RDC) for Mobile Applications
Dept of Telecommunications Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
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