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CESNET activities in NGI projects

Expansion of the Internet brings many serious conceptual problems. There are estimations that Internet will have several trillions of devices in the future. Current Internet cannot accumulate all these systems without radical changes. The NSF is trying to speed up the research for new networking architectures. They came with the project GENI – Global Environment for network. Also EC starts to support research in this direction. There are several running projects which like PlanetLab, VINI, FEDERICA, etc. which are linked with future project. The CESNET is partner in all of them. I will show what CESNET is doing and how other partners can profit from this.

Dr. Navratil received his PhD in Computer Science from Czech Technical University at Prague in 1984 for his work on analysis of timesharing systems. He worked for 30 years at Computing and Information Center of CTU in different positions linked with High Performance Computing a Communications. During his several sabbatical leave he worked for KEK Tsukuba Japan, CERN Geneva, Switzerland and SLAC Menlo Park, California in the field of networking with focus on traffic monitoring. Since 2006 he works for CESNET in the group supporting E2E applications in different fields and studying new trends in Internet.

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