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Challenge for telecommunication operators - outsourced IT functions

Telco players are looking for the opportunities for the further cost reduction and process improvements. The high potential is seemed to come from IT infrastructure & services. Case study introduction.

Miloslav Martínek He graduated in 1995 at The Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT), specialized in Finance. Currently working as a Chief of Finance for the Czech private finance group, ATLANTIK financní trhy a.s..
He had been working for more than 10 years in telecommunication sector (Telefonica O2, GTS Novera, Vodafone) when he moved into the financial services. During the previous career participated in the many interesting projects (incumbent privatization, 3rd CZ mobile license bid,), focused on the financial planning and controlling.
Student of the PhD. program at Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT v Praze) since 2007.

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