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Speech in 2008: Solutions and Assets

The Voice Technologies and Systems Lab (VTS), part of IBM Research organization, has been founded in 1995 at IBM Czech Republic, Prague. I’ll give an overview of selected speech and multi-modal assets that are part of the R&D portfolio and activities of the VTS lab. The prototypes illustrated by videos will demonstrate concepts and solutions stemming from the lab‘s participation in international projects, Global Community Initiatives, as well as advanced projects focused on conversational interfaces.

Jan Kleindienst received his MSc. in 1992 (CTU), and Ph.D. in 2000 (MFF, Charles Univ.). In 1992-1994 he has been with IBM T.J.Watson Research Lab, Ykt. Height, NY. In 1994-1997 he has worked for Czech Academy of Sciences, Dept of Computer Science and Engineering. In 1997, he joined the Voice Technologies and Systems Group, at IBM Research, Prague, which he currently manages. His team participates in large international projects involving advanced UI technologies. As the key mission, the Prague lab is responsible for development of IBM Embedded ViaVoice product that sold more than 7 million licenses worldwide for in-car voice services (Honda, Toyota, GM). Jan’s research interests span the areas of multi-modal sensory-based dialog architectures with applications to human-computer interaction and ambient intelligence. He has published over 40 articles in these areas and has more than 15 patents granted worldwide.

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