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HP Security Framework

HP Security Framework
Delivering a safer enterprise IT environment aligned to defined levels of security and risk requires a framework for rapid and effective response to threats and corporate business objective changes. HP's security framework enables a holistic way to proactively define and deliver security across the enterprise.

Security Testing
Everysecond we are tested in our immunity to computer attacks. We can never say that we are 100% protected, but are we doing enough to ensure our security? With security testing we have the possilibity to identify potential vulnerabilities and minimize future problems.

Jakub Andrle, Senior IT security Consultant, HP CZ Jakub Andrle joined HP in July 2006 as Information Systems Architect focused on Information Security. His experience with security started six years earlier as an administrator of security devices. Mr. Andrle has gained experience in the implementation of different security technologies, design of security architecture, review of security measures, evaluation of security concepts, enforcement of security governance, security auditing, and management of information security.

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