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Goal 2020: Green Cellular Networks

Energy sustainability is a major challenge for the 21th century, with ICT currently causing about 2% of global CO2 emissions (equivalent to international air traffic). Mobile communication networks consume approximately 60 billion kWh per year, with the radio network costing approximately 80% of the operator energy bills. To achieve economic and environmental savings, Vodafone Group has made a public commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions worldwide by 50% by 2020 (against the 2006-7 baseline). We review the major factors in energy consumption, discuss some of the early strategies for mobile network energy-efficiency and present current efforts that RDC is undertaking.

Dr. Kencl has been director of RDC since 2007. His research focuses on applications and services in mobile networks and on networking systems architecture. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in Communication Networks from EPFL, Switzerland (2003) and a MSc. degree in Computer Science from Charles University, Prague (1995). He was a Senior Researcher at Intel Research, Cambridge (2003-6) where he led work on adaptive network traffic processing, and a Pre-Doc at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (1999-2003) where he contributed to the IBM Traffic Engineering Reference Platform. He is a co-inventor of multiple network technology patents and holder of several industrial grants (Vodafone, IBM).

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