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Telecoms in the Recession

Despite the recession, telecommunication companies are doing reasonably well. They are less correlated with current market swings. Their market capitalization shrunk much less than other industries’. This is because they are in terms of business much stronger then years ago. Their balance sheets are much sounder than they used to be. The second reason for the stability and the future development is the fact that mobile industry is enjoying a promising transformation.

Vratislav Svoboda earned his master’s degree in International Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham, UK in 1994 and in Telecommunication Engineering from VUT Brno in 1985. He also studied at Czechoslovak Management Centre in co-operation with the University of Pittsburgh, USA in Financial Management and Marketing program.

He currently holds the position of Managing Director of the leading private asset management company in the Czech Republic, ATLANTIK Asset Management investiční společnost a.s., formerly ABN AMRO Asset Management a.s. He had formerly worked as an investment banker for Credit Suisse First Boston and as a business consultant for KPMG Czech Republic.

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