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Research and Prototyping of Intelligent Agent Technology

Computational autonomy and collective/coordinated behavior among intelligent software agents is an important topic of modern computer science and artificial intelligence studied intensively by the multi-agent systems community. At ATG we investigate the various aspects of multi-agent systems such as multi-agent simulation, trust modeling, methods of coordination and negotiation, distributed planning or distributed data-analysis. Besides theoretical studies, ATG also collaborates with leading international industrial companies where the intelligent agents are being deployed in realistic scenarios. On the critical path between the basic research and innovative applications, there are large scale system prototypes and demonstrators designed to validate the properties of the theoretical concepts and novel algorithms prior to their industrial deployment. We will provide an introduction to the field of agent technology and agent based computing and will discuss its relevance to selected industrial problems.

Dr. Michal Pechoucek is a head of Agent Technology Center and deputy head of the Department of Cybernetics, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). He is an Associate professor in Artificial Intelligence at CTU. He graduated from CTU and the University of Edinburgh and completed his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics at CTU. Michal Pechoucek has acted as a principal investigator on 19 research projects funded by AFRL/EOARD, ONR, CERDEC/US ARMY and FAA. Besides, Michal Pechoucek has collaborated with international industries such as Rockwell Automation, BAE Systems, Cadence Design Systems, TSystems, Denzo and others. Michal Pechoucek is a visiting/honorary member of Artificial Intelligence Application Institute, University of Edinburgh, is member of the Advisory board of Center of Advanced Information Technologies at State University of New York.

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