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Chhaya Chao
RDC-TR-13-3 - Evaluation of Information-Concealing Performance in Email Filtering

In the domain of network in particular, it happens that researchers have to share some of their networking information. Indeed, many networking algorithm require access to this kind of information, especially in the domain of network security and intrusion detection systems. This is a problem due to the possibility of revealing sensitive information of private or business nature. This project proposes a method to evaluate performance in mail filtering domain of the concealing-information algorithm proposed by Kencl and Loebl. This method consists on comparison of the spam level of emails to those of its different concealing version. These one differ with a k parameter which refers to the length of information we want to preserve from the original mail. For this purpose we use a Postfix local server mail and a spam detection module: SpamAssassin. This module is the one which determines the spam level of mails with associated at each mail a score. The higher is this score, the higher is the spam level. It is then possible to determine how the score evolves depending on the k value. The main objective of this project is to study spam mail detection from concealed mail version.


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