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Jan Stanek, Jan Rudinskż
RDC-TR-08-2 - Voice2Web Security Report

This document describes the first steps in protecting the Voice2Web project network against possible attacks incoming from the Internet. All V2W servers have had public IP addresses until now so the first task is to migrate them to a private network, so they will be unaccessible directly from the Internet. There has also been written a report about the possibility of using TLS support in the Asterisk PBX application earlier but the first tests were unsuccessful so the second task is to try to set up TLS support in Asterisk PBX properly. Because one of the servers has to stay connected directly to the Internet so it can serve as a gateway for the rest of the private network and maintain the functionality which requires direct Internet connection, the final task is to analyze the possibilities of open source IPS and find a security solution to be used on this vulnerable server.


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